East Bay
Bay Apartment Advisors has a deep understanding of the local real estate market in the Bay Area, particularly in the East Bay. We have 75+ years of combined experience in Multifamily Investment Sales. Our team creates opportunity for clients through identifying all sources of value, unlocking the profit potential in their property, and creating an effective, customized marketing plan. We fully understand the market and tailor our marketing to maximize the value in a sale.

Our brokerage and property management teams have effectively worked together to help our clients position their properties for the market through increasing rents, minimizing expenses, and providing purchasers with complete and accurate financial statements which streamline the buyer decision process. Our advisors specialize in geographic areas and property type, so our focus is singular. Our brokerage team is the East Bay’s most experienced in terms of completed transactions and the knowledge gained from each transaction is a great benefit to our active clients.

A large percentage of our assignments are 1031 exchanges and we know very well the trepidation and concern with selling an investment property without a replacement. We work well in these assignments and have a tremendous track record of successful 1031 exchanges on behalf of our clients. We pride ourselves in the wealth, which we’ve created for our clients and we do not feel we’ve done our jobs until a trade property is located and purchased.

BAA has continually led the markets in which we work, and we are very proud that many of our clients are repeat, which speaks volumes in the brokerage industry. Our clients are paramount to our success and we value each relationship which we create by reaching the goals set forth by the client.