What We Do

RENT COLLECTION: We collect rents online at no cost to the residents or owners. We also collect through traditional means, including drop-boxes, mailing and pickup if needed.

ACCOUNTING: We provide monthly accounting which is can be customized from many choices of reports. Our online owners portal makes is transparent and seamless where your property is making and spending money. We provide budgets, cash flow analysis, work order reporting, and balance sheets. We prepare end of year tax documents which make it easy for your accountant to complete your taxes.

LEASING SPECIALISTS: We have in-house leasing specialists who know and understand the markets in which we operate. We continually conduct leasing and market rent searches to make sure we are achieving the highest possible rents for the properties we manage. Our leasing agents are required to review every aspect of every tenant  application, credit/eviction report, and call references for each applicant. We take tenant selection very serious, as we want to make sure each resident we place is a fit for the building.

REMODELING: We specialize in turning units quickly, inexpensively and efficiently without losing quality of workmanship. We typically use 3rd party licensed contractors to complete remodels and capital improvement projects. We understand the permit and work-flow process in the cities in which we serve and we will use the correct people for the correct job.

MARKETING: We specialize in capitalizing on the current market rental rates, while maximizing our client’s profit. We consistently obtain the highest rental rates in our market through outstanding ads, photos, and referrals. Higher rental rates means higher cash flow and larger sales prices for 1031 exchanges.

TRUSTED ON-SITE PERSONNEL: Our staff includes marketing specialists, leasing agents, and administrators, all supervised by our Regional Property Managers. We provide the hands on approach and detail oriented care that every owner wants for their investment. All on-site managers are direct employees of Bay Apartment Advisors so you don’t have to worry about the legal and financial obligations of having employees.