Maximizing The Value Of Your East Bay Apartments

At Bay Apartment Advisors, we are focused on value creation. Whether we are managing a property for a client or one of our own properties, the ultimate goal is always to maximize the value of the property and the rental income generated by that property. Our ability to streamline operations while delivering the best in customer service – to both owners and tenants – makes us unique in our industry.
We are highly specialized in the East Bay market. Our knowledge of the local market, local laws and procedures – particularly when it comes to rent control – has allowed us to turn over 15-20% of the units in our portfolio on an annualized basis, all without the use of unlawful detainer(s).

If you are a multi-family real estate owner in the East Bay, please contact us to discuss your management needs. Our individualized approach and extensive industry experience make us an ideal choice for all of your property management needs.